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What’s the use of Facebook Messenger Inbox by Technical Support

A couple of years back, a web interface was launched by Facebook to perform private chat in the facebook messenger application. Now Facebook has come up with the new initiative of integrating the web app with desktop version that has snatched the vintage Facebook messaging experience. With changes in FB Messenger spotted by various users in the market, it actually tweeted as quite important and graded more than a small scale test conducted by FB.

Once the test was successful, Facebook came up with the integration of messaging feature with Messenger as there is no more an inbox to send and receive messages on a Facebook portal used on the desktop. Facebook has come up with the messenger inbox window that can help any user to convey the message. Though there was no formal announcement in this regards or press release has been circulated by Facebook about the changes made all of the sudden. The marketing head of Facebook has been responding to all the queries in quick time and said that this integration has improved the load speed of social media podium accessed on web browsers installed on PC and smartphone devices.

According to media sources, the feedback is received on account of this modification is that people are demanding the old Facebook inbox concept as they are not comfortable using Messenger on their desktop, which is constantly slowing down the response time of their device.

But what to do about it Facebook has decided to continue with the updated feature even if the rebel taking place against the changes made all of the sudden. They have also conveyed the news to get in touch technical experts through Facebook help center community. As it consumes the hell lot of time, who cares to contact them up for every issue that keeps arising one or the other second. Had there been official Facebook technical support phone number, users would have contacted experts in minutes and discussed the issues, but not in this case where the report is not getting escalated a bit even after creating a tint in the community page.

Features of Facebook Messenger Inbox

  • The earlier message inbox icon has been replaced with the messenger icon, clicking which you are directly landed to the messenger window. This is at present applicable in smartphone devices where users get redirected to the Facebook messenger private window if he/she needs to read or send the new message.
  • Here, the left side of the screen will display the content of the currently selected chat session.
  • The right-hand side of the screen introduces something which is the name of your contacts or known ones who are currently active at present and help in providing access to other Messenger features.
  • Proves the access ability to find the exact conversation, making changes in nicknames, authority to change the chart’s color, modify emotions as well as more specifically the mute feature.
  • On the extreme top right of the screen, there are functionalities to initiate to start a video or voice call alongside “i” icon in a rounded blue button which hide the information panel from the screen.

If you are still in ambiguity and are not able to find out how Facebook messenger inbox works or how to access it in a feasible way, the best part is to give a call at tech support organizations dialing independent Facebook customer support toll free number doing which experts can guide in a much better way in regards to FB messenger inbox.

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